9 $ex Positions That Will Get Her Off Her Game Everytime

You might be aware with an ancient sexology book Kamasutra, in which the explanation of different $ex positions is being mentioned with several pictures. There are hundreds of positions with the details about how the act of love making would give you maximum satisfaction and pleasure.

Inspired by Kamasutra, we found some common favorite $ex positions that you must try to improve your $ex life and have a better and new experience every time you do it.

1. Woman lying at the edge of the bed.

Men and women both love doing sex in this position, as it encourages deep penetration. The woman lays on her back at the edge of the bed and man enters her from under her legs; she keeps her feets on his chest. She feels it very deep inside and thus gets totally lost in him.

2. She keeps her legs together and he keeps his apart.

The man lays on her keeping his legs apart and tries to insert inside her by moving with the help of his feets. It doesn't make it go deeper, but a bit of inch of his part gets inside. This position gives satisfying sensation to him as he feels her thighs everywhere.

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