Most WTF Times to Take a Selfie

#1 The Bathroom Check

So “a little bored” means it’s a good time to check and see if all your bits are still there? Okay..

#2 Public Dramas

Lost faith in humanity? Recording the suffering of others with a big smile is NOT cool bro!

#3 A Girl Fight Selfie

Witness a girl fighting spectacle, and suddenly feel you just won ringside tickets to a boxing match? . . Go figure

#4 After-Sex Selfies

After-sex selfies have been a trend, but it doesn’t make it automatically cool. Especially if your lover doesn’t know of it, and it’s clandestine?

#5 Shameful Funeral Selfie

Funeral selfies is something the older generations just don’t “get”. . . especially Granny, but a good haunting should solve that.

#6 This Student & Cadaver

A high school student was disciplined for taking a selfie with a dead body while on a trip to their local university’s biology department. Eww. . . Now, that’s really creepy!

#7 Broadcasting News Events

Just because you’re on social media, it doesn’t make you a newscaster. . . Even if it kills you.

#8 No Compassion

There’s been a rash of these “non-compassionate” selfies circulating online. Shouldn’t this dude be instead HELPING THAT MAN?

#9 Urinal Selfie

If grandpa catches on, this boy won’t be smiling. Be ready for trouble if you take one of these..

#10 ‘Lovers’ Selfie Project

This guy takes selfies next to the couples making out in public and puts them on Instagram. What do you think? Creep??

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